Top 5 online casinos in the world

Tusk Rio Casino:

This South African casino located at Klerksdorp covers a total area of 266,330 square feet of sheer fun and joy. 257 machine slots waiting to start spinning at your command. There are 12 huge sized card and poker tables and two very well stocked bars that will help you unwind and leave you mesmerized too.

Ponte 16 Resort:

The third honor for the city of Macau in China goes to the Ponte 16 casino which has 270,000 square feet of sheer gaming pleasure. 320 machines and 150 card and poker tables vie for your singular attention three well stocked bar with the best vintage wines is always welcoming a weary traveler who loves his drink, loves his game and is sport for a good hand!

Foxwoods resort Casino

This is a casino at Ledyard in Connecticut. The floor space is a whopping 340,000 square feet with seven thousand gaming tables and 400 card and poker table. 29 bars adorn the space and for the tired gambler there are 830 rooms to rest after a hard day of work (wink).

City of Dreams Resort

Macau again! This time it is the third largest casino with a total space of 420,000 square feet of ecstasy. 1350 machine slots and 520 card table all decorated and ready for the people who love good life. 14 bars and 1400 guest rooms will take away the tiredness from overworked hands and mind. This is indeed the city of dreams. And it is beckoning you to come.

The Venetian

Numero Uno casino in terms of the floor space is indeed the one and only Venetian Casino at (no prizes for guessing) where else? But Macau!

The floor stretches up to a maximum of 546, 000 square feet and over 3000 gaming slots…wow!

900 gaming tables and all mostly full throughout the year is a feat that cannot be paralleled elsewhere. It has 24 bars to quench the thirst of its perennial list of  Royalty who always prefer to stay at their luxurious suites and enjoy a good hand at this venetian town look alike casino that even has gondolas plying though it. It is the final word in casino luxury.

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